paris terrorist attack

It was very sad what happened in Paris. I.S. is terrorist group that kills innocent people. Many young people comes from different countries and helping I.S. with kill innocent people because they think they do the right thing. I.S. is organization, which only will come with their opinion because they will have control over everything and they will that things go in their way. And if someone is not agree with them or a country attack them then they attack them back and that was what happened in Paris

However, my opinion is that why it is so many people care so much about what happened in Paris when many people special kids dies every day and no one cares and everybody is sad and they take photo of France?s flag to background picture in Facebook etc... In addition, everyone talk about it and when 100 no 1000 other poor children dies same day and no one know about it. It is not their fault that it is war in their country Moreover, it is nothing they can do about it.


Hey Guys i am new blogger and I will tell you about my new ideas to this new blog .

I`ve thought about it to tell you about the world's problems because some peopledon`tthink there is any problem

The next few weeks I will talk about:

  • Poverty
  • refugee crisis
  • environmental crisis
  • paris terrorist attack

environmental crisis

Climate change is another problem in the world if we humans continue to emit, as much CO2 will Earth be destroyed. In addition, we all will die. So please stop to emit as much co2. The climate change have already start and we can see it on the poles as melts and some places it is hard to breathe because of it.

Rich countries pollute so much that it hurts poor countries, and it is sad because it is not their fault. Climate change come with consequences and some of these consequences are:

  • Strom
  • Flood
  • And poles melts

refugee crisis

60 million peoples in the world flees every day. This is the biggest escape crisis since second world 
war .Of those, 38 million displaced within their own countries. It is difficult situation for many


Poverty is a very big problem in the World. it is many people that live in the street. and some of them have not money, food or drink. it is not only adult but it is children too. We have to stopp proverty. and rich people and not poor people must help them. Together we can try. it is therefor my blog name is teamwork because we have to try together.

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